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3 Websites Trends your Small Business should Consider

Aston Lincoln, Marketing Consultants

23 February 2017

Small businesses are living and growing in a fast-changing technology era and so are website trends. But, just how fast can it be!

“It couldn’t be less than 2 or 3 years, at a major push 4. Well, it may surprise you to know that what looked modern 2 years, may need refreshing today.

You may want to consider these 3 website trends in your next design project.

1: Overlapping Text and Images

The days of text and image being separately positioned on a website may be over, Take French base news app Sylvanin Reuchand, when you land on their home page you’re presented with a faded tagline that reveals more as you move around. What’s great about this website, is that it drives a real way to engage with its customers as they use the website.

We could have used Sylvanin Reuchand to point out our next trend but as they were used for trend 1, we want to demonstrate it with a different website.

2: Big and Bold Typography

When you find yourself in a noisy party trying to have a conversation with someone, your voice tends to rise to get above the music. Well, you could look at big and bold text in the same way. There is no difference, when you’re marketing your small business in a crowded marketplace, you need to get above the noise or stand-out from your competitors. Going big and bold is a great way to do this on your home page like Folks Verona! You’re unlikely to forget website like this!

3: Cinemographs

The trend of video content and GIF content is not new in such things as social media, but this is now a trend within the website design space. A great video, like an image, can condense 500 words into a 5 second clip. To Mapbox, five words and rolling video in the back and you know exactly what they do.  Click on their link to see an example!

What trends do you think will be big in website design in 2017?