Email Marketing

Discover the Importance of not Communicating with Unsubscribed Users

Aston Lincoln, Marketing Communications Consultant

22 March 2017

Developing your email list is a great way to build direct communication with potential customers. It requires a lot of effort from you to develop content, like lead magnets, that will attract users to sign-up.

As you run email campaigns against your list, you will want to keep as many emails as you can without them unsubscribing. The dreaded unsubscribed can and will drive you crazy, even to a point where you want to contact an ex user to find out why they did.

But remember, once a user has unsubscribed from your mailing list, they are closing the door on any form of communication with your business. This is not just email communication, but telephone communication too.

You’re left with only one-way to re-engage these users, which is when they are ready. This great blog post will help you understand the sometimes-unknown consequences of trying to communicate with these users after they have unsubscribed.

When is an Unsubscribe NOT an Unsubscribe?