Raising the KYMIRA Sport profile

The Problems

Over the years, KYMIRA Sport had made a name for themselves in the UK rowing scene, with the owner being an avid rower himself, they knew their products was being viewed as a brand for rowers. Other sports sectors were purchasing the sportswear, but not at the rate it was selling to the Rowing sector. 

The second issue was that sales were being conducted, mostly, via face-to-face events. This was slowing down the process of developing relationships with 3rd party suppliers. The owner was being pulled between the marketing and retailer development activities; they knew they would have to find someone to help develop a marketing communications strategy and then implement it for them. 

The Challenges

Due to lack of early investment, KYMIRA Sport had to work within a limited budget. Any attempts at marketing communications activities would need to utilise previously developed marketing material and channels. This would include their images, social media channels, event shows and email database. 

The main methods of marketing communications that would be needed to meet their objectives included public relations and content marketing, which would then be supported by KYMIRA Sport’s social media channels, email marketing and event shows. 

KYMIRA Sport enlisted LINCOLNA with two objectives in mind: 

  • Raise brand awareness within other sports
  • Increase traffic to website


Features in T3 and The Guardian


Increase in website Traffic


Increase in website revenue


Increase in Email Open-rate

month period

The outcome for KYMIRA Sport

LINCOLNA started by building relationships within the ideal publications for the sports sectors they would be targeting. Their main goal was to focus on 3rd party product reviews.

The highlights from the product reviews tactic were being featured within publications like T3 Magazine and The Daily Telegraph. During a 9-month period, The Daily Telegraph traffic accounted for 40% of all referral website traffic, this did not include social media or direct referral traffic to the website. From the content marketing strategy that

From the content marketing strategy that LINCOLNA built for KYMIRA Sport, they could create weekly content that informed and entertain their target audience. This weekly content helped to drive traffic to the KYMIRA Sport’s website. For the content marketing strategy to work, they would need to enlist some credible sources within the health and fitness sector. This would also include them appointing 3 new brand athletes that could offer insight into their respected sports and training.

During this 9-month period, these combined strategies resulted in the following:

  • A rise in overall brand awareness
  • A 110% increase in website traffic
  • A 108% rise in website revenue
  • A 25% increase in their email open rate

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